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"It is our moral obligation and our sacred duty to never forget"

Senate President Huffman Observes Holocaust Commemoration
By Matt Huffman
May 10, 2024
On The Record

Senate President Matt Huffman made the following remarks on video in observance of the Governor's Holocaust Commemoration on Wednesday at the Statehouse:

I would like to express my deep appreciation to the Ohio Jewish Communities for inviting me to address this year’s Holocaust Commemoration.

I am sorry senate business prevents me from attending in person, but I can explain why this event is so crucially important to me, in just two words:

Never forget.

Those two words are all the more poignant this year after the events of October 7th, last year.

And these words take on an added urgency as we witness the repugnant surge in antisemitism on college campuses this Spring.

The barbaric attack by Hamas on Israelis conjured up the worst memories of the Holocaust – the torture, rape, and murder of innocent civilians. 

For the crime of being Jewish.

It was difficult to comprehend that this was the 21st Century and not the 1930’s.

Now it is almost beyond belief – and so heartbreaking – to hear young Americans chanting “From the river to the sea”...

Having no idea what they are saying...having no idea they are promoting genocide against the Jews...

Having no idea they are calling for a second Holocaust.

We know better. For a simple reason. We have not forgotten.

It is more important than ever to educate today’s youth, and all generations to come, about the horrors inflicted on the Jewish people during the Holocaust.

It is the only way to avoid repeating the worst chapter in our history.

I assure you, the Ohio Senate will do all in its power to make sure the vile antisemitic rhetoric and violence we have seen elsewhere this year will not take root in our great state.

That’s because it is our moral obligation and our sacred duty, to never forget.