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Joe Biden and the November Ballot to Banning Smart Phones in the Classroom - State of the State Q and A

An Inside Look at President Huffman Answering Questions from Statehouse Reporters
By John Fortney
April 12, 2024
On The Record

It is always easier to ask questions than answer them.

Join us for an inside look at what it is like to face the legacy media, in this case, the statehouse press corp. 

Senate President Matt Huffman traditionally talks with statehouse reporters following a full voting session of the Senate. There was a lot to talk about this week. He took a myriad of questions regarding Governor Mike DeWine's State of the State Address, as well as a story that made national headlines then quickly turned into an attack on Republicans in the General Assembly.

Will President Joe Biden make the November ballot in Ohio? Why won't the General Assembly fix this problem for the Biden campaign?  Watch the President answer that, as well as questions regarding the sale of Delta 8 THC products to minors, parental consent for chldren and social media, and banning flavored tobacco and vapes in the age of marijuana.

President Huffman also specifically addresses issues from the State of the State. Those issues include increasing access to childcare for parents by increasing capacity not just funding, keeping smart phones out of your child's K-12 classrooms, and why Ohio needs to change the way schools teach kids to read, called the "Science of Reading."