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Media Meltdown over Asking Higher Ed to Open its Books

President Huffman and Senator Cirino explain why it is more than reasonable to review higher education's administrative costs
By John Fortney
February 9, 2024
On The Record

Senate President Matt Huffman, and Senator Jerry Cirino make the case for asking Ohio’s public universities to review and disclose their administrative costs as part of the process to apply for billions of dollars available as part of the 2024 Capital Budget process.

This caused a meltdown by the editorial side of Cleveland.com, which has reveled in name calling and launched tirades of vitriolic nonsense.

Don’t miss our response in this week's President's Podcast.

Get an update on Senate Bill 83, Ohio’s Higher Education Enhancement Act and why it is vital to protecting independent thought on today’s campuses and how it empowers trustees to truly act in the best interest of their university.

Huffman and Cirino also talk about the most recent effort of the progressive left to change Ohio’s Constitution through yet another ballot initiative that would jeopardize the security and integrity of Ohio’s elections.

And why foreign campaign dollars must be outlawed for these campaigns targeting Ohio’s Constitution.