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Ohio Democrats Engage in Political Gymnastics, Semantics and Finger Pointing

Republicans Again Pass Biden Ballot Fix that Outlaws Foreign Dark Money Contributions
By John Fortney
May 31, 2024
On The Record

Talk about political gymnastics.

Senate Democrats twisted, tumbled, and flipped multiple times this week while trying to protect campaign contributions coming from outside the United States.

They went so far as to blame a television network for the Democratic National Committee's oblivious failure to hold its convention before Ohio's deadline to put Joe Biden on the November ballot.

That’s right, they blamed television for their own incompetence.

Senator Kent Smith, a Democrat from Euclid, referenced the Olympic Games in his floor speech Tuesday afternoon, saying, “the reason why the Democrats' Convention is after the deadline, is convention dates are often chosen by television schedule.” 

So, is that who is running their party?  Television? Maybe they should rebrand to MSDNC?

Democrats in the House and Senate then contradicted themselves all week, saying Ohio law and federal election law already ban foreign contributions. Well, in Ohio, contributions originating from outside the United States are prohibited in candidate campaigns, but there is no law against those contributions that would be directed toward issue campaigns that target Ohio's Constitution.

Read the highlighted segment of this December 2023 recommendation from the Federal Election Commission.

It specifically recommends that federal law on the "Foreign National Prohibition" be amended to "Include State and Local Ballot Initiatives." Meaning, federal law currently does not prohibit those contributions by foreigners to state initiatives.

Democrats know this. They simply aren't telling the truth. They want to protect those millions of foreign dollars that will soon pour into a ballot campaign ("Citizens Not Politicians") with the very real potential of overturning the will of more than 70% of the voters who overwhelmingly approved changes to Ohio's redistricting process in 2015 and 2018. 

You can expect a revolving door of radical left issues year after year, designed to take away your rights and transfer that power to big government. 

Because we embrace facts here, and stand by what we print, post, and say, we encourage you to watch our video of this week’s floor speeches. We include comments from Democrat Senators Bill DeMora, Paula Hicks-Hudson, and Kent Smith so you can evaluate their rhetoric for yourself.

Republican Senators Rob McColley, Jerry Cirino, and Sandra O’Brien make the case for outlawing foreign contributions targeting Ohio’s Constitution while making it clear who is really to blame for Joe Biden’s ballot problem.

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