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Ohio: First in Flight and Leader in Space

Homegrown astronauts honored in statehouse painting
By The Editors
January 26, 2024
On The Record

Ohio has sent dozens of its own into space, leading the way in exploration beyond our world. Some of these heroes will be part of the Ohio Statehouse forever.

Ohioans in Space, a painting by Bill Hinsch, was unveiled in the Statehouse Rotunda this week. This masterful piece is the first commissioned painting to be installed in the seat of state government in 66 years.

The painting features astronauts John Glenn, Neil Armstrong, Jim Lovell, and Judith Resnick with the notable addition of Gene Kranz, representing the engineers and scientists in the laboratories and control rooms of NASA.

These legendary Ohioans embody decades of American dominance in space, showing us all that anything is possible.

It was likely difficult for Hinsch to select just these 4 heroes. 26 Ohioans have made the journey past our atmosphere to study what lies beyond. Three of them attended the day’s festivities.

Astronauts Michael Good, Carl Walz, and Don Thomas came to the Statehouse to unveil the painting. We were thrilled to have them in the Senate chamber to be recognized for their service to our nation and to science.

Each have their own unique stories to tell, as Senator Rob McColley described on the Senate floor.

See some of the highlights from their time at the Statehouse and from the unveiling click here.