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President Huffman Honored as a Defender of Limited Government

"It is very rare for leadership to get awards from us"
By The Editors
November 10, 2023
On The Record

Ohio Senate President Matt Huffman has been named a Defender of Limited Government by the Institute for Legislative Analysis (ILA).

A spokesperson for the Institute says "it is very rare for leadership to get awards from us" and calls this the "the most comprehensive analysis ever conducted on the Ohio legislature."

"I've stood for limited government and have fought to defend our Constitution my entire career," said President Huffman.

"Ohioans are reaping the rewards of the legislature cutting regulations, supporting educational choice, and promoting and protecting individual liberties,” he added. “This award demonstrates these successes, and we look forward to many more here in the Buckeye State."

Limiting government by cutting bureaucratic red tape has helped President Huffman and his GOP colleagues in the Ohio Senate pursue their goal of making Ohio the best place to do business.

Legislation passed in June 2022 was key to putting that pro-growth policy into practice.

Senate Bill 9:

•        Requires each state agency to reduce the regulatory restrictions contained in its rules by 30% by June 30, 2025.

•        Prohibits an agency from adopting new regulatory restrictions that would increase the percentage of restrictions in the agency’s rules.

•        Beginning July 1, 2025, requires an agency that does not achieve a reduction in regulatory restrictions according to the required schedule to eliminate two restrictions before enacting a new rule containing a restriction.

•        Beginning July 1, 2025, limits the total number of regulatory restrictions that may be in effect in Ohio.

“ILA’s analysis of President Huffman's record shows he has consistently upheld the limited government principles of the U.S. Constitution while leading the Senate to cut overreaching regulations and advance prosperity for all Ohioans,” said ILA CEO Ryan McGowan. 

“As we have recently witnessed at the national level, leadership is never easy, and therefore we applaud President Huffman for his work and are proud to present him with ILA’s Defender of Limited Government Award.”

The Institute also congratulated President Huffman for the fact that nearly every Republican member of the Ohio Senate earned a score above 80%.

Ohio's rankings were determined through the analysis of votes taken in 2022 on 36 pieces of legislation.

Ohio State Senators George Lang and Steve Wilson were ranked highest among their colleagues on ILA’s scorecard.

Review Ohio's scorecard here.