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Protecting Ohio's Elections from Campaign Contributions Coming from Outside the United States

Foreign Funders with Infinite Resources Targeting Ohio's Constitution
By John Fortney
March 1, 2024
On The Record

Ohio's Constitution remains an easy value-added target for far-left groups funded by foreign dark money.

As we learn more about political organizations like the Sixteen Thirty Fund, it becomes more clear that billionaires from outside our country's borders are targeting Ohio's Constitution by funding a revolving door of far-left issue camapaigns aimed at changing the law, without a single committee hearing at the Ohio Statehouse.

This week, Senator Rob McColley joins us for the President's Podcast to explain why the passage of Senate Bill 215 is a huge step towards protecting the integrity of Ohio's Election System and our state's founding document, the Ohio Constitution.

And make sure to watch Senator McColley's and Senator Gavarone's floor speeches as they make the case for Senate Bill 215.