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Red Pilling the Media's "Poison Pill" Biden Ballot Narrative

The President's Podcast with Senate President Matt Huffman
By John Fortney
May 17, 2024
On The Record

Facts matter.

But when you read today's left-leaning agenda-driven legacy media, it seems the facts get lost in favor of feelings. You know, feelings from progressive leftists who believe in their free speech, but not your free speech. The same people who condemn election deniers, dark money and foreign election interference, unless it is tied to their issue or candidate.

So, this week on The President's Podcast, we're happy to prescribe the "red pill" cure to the whining throng of Democrats who embrace dark money coming from outside the United States designed to take over Ohio's Constitution.

Then another dose of facts will help them understand that the Senate provided a sound solution that puts Joe Biden on the Ohio ballot this November, while elevating Ohio's election securtiy by outlawing campaign contributions coming from outside the United States.

Free refills and reminders that it's the Democrats who are trying to keep Donald Trump off the ballot. From the Colorado Supreme Court, to political peanuts in a Georgia courtroom, to a courtroom in New York City, the deep state has done everything it can to keep Trump off the ballot. If you're looking for guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, look no further than the Joe Biden's deep state.

In case you missed it, read Senator Terry Johnson's column about who is keeping who off the ballot, Biden vs. Democracy. The senator details precisely why this is just another textbook case of  Democrats making an absolute mess then screaming at Republicans, “Why haven’t you fixed this?" All while claiming to be "saving democracy" by keeping their opponent off the ballot with lawfare.

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