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Senator Cirino Hosts Border Security Forum

Human Trafficking, Drug Trafficking, and Violent Crime Hitting Ohio Neighborhoods
By John Fortney
March 28, 2024
On The Record

The crisis at the Southern Border of the United States threatens every state in the nation. Drug trafficking, human trafficking, and violent crime threatens the public safety of Ohioans across the state.

This week, Ohio State Senator Jerry Cirino hosted police chiefs, prosecutors, mayors, and elected officials at a forum on border security.

Attorney General Dave Yost delivered the keynote address, sharing what his team has learned about the very real danger that has arrived here at home, and what can be done. Attorney General Yost and Senator Cirino join the President's Podcast this week.

You’ll see the entire forum later next week on our social media, but here are some of the comments from Wednesday's forum in Independence, Ohio, on the alarming situation that has now migrated all the way from the border to the Buckeye State.

Watch a preview of the forum highlighting the threat of illegal immigration.