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Shawnee State University - A Hidden Gem Providing a 21st Century Technology Education

Graduates Tell Ohio Senators About Their Remarkable Careers that Launched from Shawnee State
By John Fortney
May 10, 2024
On The Record

Shawnee State University is a hidden gem of higher education located along the Ohio River in Portsmouth. Shawnee State is a global leader of plastics manufacturing and engineering technology, including gaming technology.

The quiet campus in Scioto County is making lots of noise for technology companies looking for the best and brightest young minds who are qualified, competent and ready to go to work immediatlely.

Join us as Shawnee State University graduates talk to Ohio Senate President Matt Huffman, Senator Jerry Cirino, Senator George Lang, and Senator Terry Johnson, whose district includes the University,  about their remarkable careers that launched from the Southern Ohio campus.

They sky isn't the limit for them, it is just the beginning.