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Smoking Laws, Property Taxes, and Record Funding for Public Schools

Senate President Matt Huffman Goes In Depth on President's Podcast
By John Fortney
February 16, 2024
On The Record

Is smoking bad for your health?


Should local municipalities be permitted to ban certain flavored tobacco from being sold to adults?


In this week’s President’s Podcast, Ohio Senate President Matt Huffman responds to criticism from the healthcare community following the Senate’s recent veto override that reinstated the law prohibiting local governments from passing their own tobacco laws.

The General Assembly made a record investment in Ohio public schools in 2023.

Billions more.

But no good deed goes unpunished by the left and their friends in the legislature.

President Huffman responds to a recent editorial that made the make-believe claim that public schools are doing more with less.

And we know rising property taxes are squeezing retired Ohioans. The Senate recently passed a plan to revised the homestead exemption.

Where the bill now stands, and why homeowners need to be asking questions.

Perspective you don't want to miss in this week's President's Podcast.