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The President's Podcast with Senate President Matt Huffman

Historic Special Session -Why the Education Lobby Makes Parents the Enemy- Hypocrisy of Redistricting Campaign
By John Fortney
June 14, 2024
On The Record

Senate President Matt Huffman returns to the President’s Podcast this week.

The left is reeling from the foreign money ban passed during the special session. This comes after Democrats in the Ohio General Assembly repeatedly said it just wasn’t happening. They knew it was. We knew it was. And now it’s illegal for campaigns targeting Ohio’s Constitution to accept contributions originating from outside the United States.

President Huffman responds to recent criticism by the left tied to the potential for this fall’s redistricting amendment by D.C. special interests.  They want to overturn the will of more than 70% of the voters who approved changes to the redistricting process that produced a set of bipartisan unanimous maps.

You won’t believe how out-of-touch the campaign is with hard working Ohioans. In the week before this week’s special election for Ohio’s 6th Congressional District, special interests actually said the 6th District is “gerrymandered” and the people living there have little in common. Laughable, and let’s face it, gerrymandering is the left’s new breakfast cereal. They have it with everything. Our candidate didn’t win—gerrymandering. We don’t like Republicans—gerrymandering. Our eggs were cold—gerrymandering. We believe candidates, campaigns and issues matter. That’s why Senator Michael Rulli, is now the new Congressman for Ohio’s 6th District.

Also, the attack on parents continues as the effort to end Ohio’s popular Ed Choice Scholarship program continues to spin false attacks on the program. This is after the General Assembly invested an additional billion dollars into K-12 schools raising the total to $13.5 billion over Ohio’s two-year budget. The scholarships simply give parents an option to use a scholarship to help pay for tuition at a private school. President Huffman responds to the ridiculous rhetoric coming from the left’s so-called “education” lobby, that could care less about what parents think is best for their children.

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