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Your Tax Dollars and Ohio's Constitutional School Funding System

Record Funds for Ohio's Public Schools
By John Fortney
March 8, 2024
On The Record

The left just doesn't seem to care about facts. One wonders if they truly think that if they say something enough that people will start believing them, or if they are just blinded by their own ill-conceived far-left zealotry?

Regardless, here is a painful fact for them.  The Ohio General Assembly approved record funding for public schools in the current budget. 

Another painful fact is that today's school funding system is constitutional. 

If you missed Senator Andrew Brenner's column on school funding, make sure you read it here.

Senator Brenner serves as the chairman of the Senate's Education Committee, and joins us this week for the President's Podcast. He goes in depth on the billions spent on Ohio's public school students, how today's univesal scholarships empower parents and save tax dollars at the same time, and how the ramifications of the pandemic continue to impact student achievement.