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Columbus Dispatch: From Maine to Nevada, election, poll workers are being terrorized. Ohio must protect ours.

By Bill DeMora
March 29, 2024
The Democratic Standard

"With the March primary behind us, there is a concerning trend that must be addressed ahead of the quickly approaching November election. Poll workers in Ohio and across the country have been unable to focus entirely on their jobs to run our elections smoothly because they are also worrying about their safety.

Throughout the United States, election workers are being threatened.

  • In Nevada, election workers were sent fentanyl-laced envelopes.
  • A Georgia election worker was so fearful for their life after being the target of a barrage of racist death threats that they were forced into hiding and had to sell their house.
  • The Maine and Missouri secretaries of state were “swatted” recently in an attempt to harass them regarding the presidential ballot.

 These are just some of the most terrifying examples in the recent trend of people attempting to frighten and intimidate these selfless individuals to influence elections. According to the Brennan Center for Justice, nearly 20% of election workers have experienced direct threats because of their jobs. As a result, many are unlikely to stay in their jobs for the 2024 election.

With boards of elections struggling to meet their staffing needs, we could be in for a disaster come November..."

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