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Columbus Dispatch: I saw devastating conditions at Latitude Five25. Many Ohioans have it as bad or worse.

By Hearcel F. Craig
January 5, 2024
The Democratic Standard

"It has been little more than a year since nearly 200 residents were forced to evacuate their apartments in the Latitude Five25 building last Christmas.

I was there that day helping to move families out of their homes and the situation was devastating. Burst pipes, flooded floors, electrical issues, and asbestos contamination meant that many of my constituents were forced out of their homes for the holidays, some unable to return for months.

The sad reality is that many Ohioans experience unlivable conditions like this. Safe and secure housing is fundamental and foundational to the quality of life for all our families and children. But one of the biggest obstacles facing everyday Ohioans is finding and keeping affordable housing..."

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