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The Official News Source for the Ohio Senate Democrats

November 6, 2023
The Democratic Standard

It’s no secret. Ohio has been getting a lot of negative national press lately—and for good reason. We’ve seen attacks on our democracy, the most restrictive voter ID laws in the country, and a former house speaker sentenced to federal prison for orchestrating the largest public corruption conspiracy in our state’s history.

Ohio has been dubbed the nation’s most corrupt state and there’s only one party to blame – the Republicans.

If you’ve heard about any of this before now, thank the media! They play a critical role in informing Ohioans about what’s happening in the Ohio Statehouse and how it will impact them.

You may have noticed that the Ohio Senate recently launched an online newsroom, On The Record. It attacks the media and criticizes journalists across the state who work tirelessly every day to keep Ohioans informed. Ohio’s Statehouse press corps is lauded as one of the most robust in the country, but according to the Ohio GOP, our media is the enemy for covering their antics.

Before now, On The Record appeared to represent the views of the entire Ohio Senate. This is far from the truth. Only Republican senators and staff have been featured.

The reality is that the GOP supermajority and their extreme views don’t accurately represent the whole Senate or the majority of Ohioans. We hope The Democratic Standard will be able to bring some balance and amplify some of the great reporting being done across the state.

Stay tuned!