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Finance Committee Legislation

Committee Bills
Legislation Title
H. B. No. 2 Direct state funds for economic growth and community development
S. B. No. 35 Create funds-law enforcement training, equipment purchase grants
S. B. No. 64 Expand Ohio National Guard Scholarship Program
S. B. No. 139 Make a supplemental appropriation for a fire department
S. B. No. 159 Authorize tax credit for pregnancy resource centers donations
S. B. No. 182 Establish Foster-to-College Scholarship Program
S. B. No. 190 Reduce sports gaming tax rate
S. B. No. 284 Enact CAMPUS Act
S. B. No. 288 Make supplemental operating appropriations
S. R. No. 358 To urge Congress to pass H.R. 4052, the National Infrastructure Bank Act of 2023.