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Government Oversight Committee Legislation

Committee Bills
Legislation Title
S. B. No. 18 Modify state agency data storage and notification law
H. B. No. 76 Regards data storage and notifications issued by state agencies
H. B. No. 129 Require licensure of commercial roofing contractors
S. B. No. 132 Enact the Ohio Fairness Act
S. B. No. 142 Designates Arab American Heritage Month
S. R. No. 180 Support amendment re corporate personhood, money as speech
H. B. No. 184 Regards charitable solicitations
S. B. No. 185 Exempt certain public service worker documents from disclosure
S. B. No. 192 Regards real estate brokers, residential property disclosures
S. B. No. 203 Regards mobile food service operation's fire code compliance
S. B. No. 204 Enact CROWN Act regarding hair texture and protective hair styles
S. B. No. 210 Designates Ohio Black Media Week
H. B. No. 238 Regards occupational regulations
S. B. No. 238 Creates a certification for specialty residential contractors
S. B. No. 240 Make various changes to public assistance benefits programs
H. B. No. 257 Authorize certain public bodies to meet virtually
S. R. No. 339 Request prohibition against census count including non-citizens.
H. B. No. 360 Designate Ukraine Independence Day