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Judiciary Committee Legislation

Committee Bills
Legislation Title
H. B. No. 5 Modernize the adoption process
S. B. No. 19 Regards non-recourse civil litigation advance business
S. B. No. 25 Regards real property foreclosures
S. B. No. 26 Regards operating a vehicle, watercraft under marihuana influence
H. B. No. 29 Regards driver's license suspensions-failure to pay child support
S. B. No. 32 Grant immunity for self or other-defense in certain circumstances
H. B. No. 37 Increase penalties for OVI and aggravated vehicular homicide
S. B. No. 46 Provide for electronic execution of wills, other documents
S. B. No. 47 Prohibit public employer granting paid leave-certain activities
H. B. No. 56 Increase penalty-fleeing police; regards motor vehicle pursuit
S. B. No. 65 Designate Judge Nathaniel R. Jones Day
S. B. No. 88 Expand offense of aggravated menacing for utility workers
S. B. No. 101 Abolish death penalty; modify juror challenges in certain cases
H. B. No. 111 Increase sentence range for third degree felony domestic violence
H. B. No. 122 Expand intimidation offenses to include guardians ad litem
S. B. No. 127 Eliminate spousal exception for sex offenses; allow testimony
S. B. No. 133 Regards debarment of state vendors
H. B. No. 139 Increase assault penalties if the victim is a sports official
S. B. No. 165 Regards the sale of used catalytic converters
H. B. No. 179 Regards vicarious liability in tort actions; statutes of repose
S. B. No. 187 Prohibit firearm possession with a domestic violence conviction
S. B. No. 188 Limit liability in regards to firearm hold agreements
S. B. No. 193 Add certain drug offenses to terrorism offenses; revise drug law
S. B. No. 197 Allow for the sealing or expungement of certain charges
S. B. No. 202 Repeal parental consent requirements for web sites
S. B. No. 213 Establish an alternative to guardianship for certain adults
S. B. No. 217 Regards AI-generated products, simulated porn, identity fraud
S. B. No. 223 Enact FORCE Act re: organized retail theft
H. B. No. 230 Regards drug trafficking, organized trafficking of persons
H. B. No. 234 Regards imposing sentence on offender who entered an Alford plea
S. B. No. 236 Regards designation of certain court clerks as deputy registrars
S. B. No. 241 Expedite removal of unauthorized occupants; fraudulent deeds
H. B. No. 258 Increase fine for repeatedly selling tobacco products to minors
S. B. No. 263 Enact Braden's Law to prohibit sexual extortion
H. B. No. 265 Exempt certain public service workers' forms from disclosure
S. B. No. 267 Regards civil actions for injury or loss due to vandalism or riot
H. B. No. 272 Allow concealed carry in certain buildings with a courtroom
S. B. No. 289 Eliminate period of limitation - rape prosecution or civil action
H. B. No. 301 Regards Nonprofit Corporation Law and dissolving corporations
H. B. No. 322 Regards childhood sexual abuse registrants, offense of grooming
H. B. No. 338 Allow child support orders for children over 18 with a disability