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Judiciary Committee Legislation

Committee Bills
Legislation Title
S. B. No. 19 Regards non-recourse civil litigation advance business
S. B. No. 21 Regards venue for appeal from an agency order, court changes
S. B. No. 25 Regards real property foreclosures
S. B. No. 26 Regards operating a vehicle, watercraft under marihuana influence
S. B. No. 32 Grant immunity for self or other-defense in certain circumstances
S. B. No. 37 Regards driver's license suspension law; financial responsibility
S. B. No. 46 Provide for electronic execution of wills, other documents
S. B. No. 47 Prohibit public employer granting paid leave-certain activities
S. B. No. 65 Designate Judge Nathaniel R. Jones Day