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Veterans and Public Safety Committee Legislation

Committee Bills
Legislation Title
S. B. No. 7 Designate Powerboat Safety Month; increase boating safety grants
H. C. R. No. 8 Urge selection of Ohio as headquarters of the U.S. Space Command
S. B. No. 67 Regards State Fire Code and Building Code
S. B. No. 78 Restore local authority to regulate firearms-related conduct
S. B. No. 84 Require emotional intelligence training for peace officers
S. B. No. 164 Enact the Suicide Self-Defense Act
H. B. No. 167 Modify chief of police and certain advanced officer training
S. B. No. 209 Regards lost or stolen firearms
S. B. No. 230 Require state and local cooperation in enforcing immigration laws
H. B. No. 241 Regards police department vacancies
S. R. No. 273 Commend Texas for policies and actions to secure the border
S. B. No. 281 Regards info poster on benefits and services for veterans