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Ways and Means Committee Legislation

Committee Bills
Legislation Title
S. B. No. 2 Authorize subdivisions to designate tax exempt residential zones
S. B. No. 3 Create Ohio Community Revitalization Program
S. B. No. 4 Modify the film and theater tax credit
S. B. No. 20 Incorporate changes in the Internal Revenue Code into Ohio law
S. B. No. 52 Exempt United States and Ohio flag sales from sales and use tax
H. B. No. 57 Index the homestead exemption to inflation
H. B. No. 66 Regards bad debts for cigarette, tobacco and vapor products taxes
S. B. No. 76 Levy a tax on certain high-volume landlords
S. B. No. 82 Allow certain retailers to retain a portion of state sales taxes
H. B. No. 105 Regards filing of municipal income tax returns
S. B. No. 118 Authorize tax credit for new owner-occupied single family homes
S. B. No. 120 Allow certain TIF service payments to be used by land banks
H. B. No. 121 Modify municipal tax apportionment formula for remote workers
S. B. No. 124 Exempt from taxation the sale of certain firearms and ammunition
S. B. No. 134 Modifies homestead property tax exemption for disabled veterans
S. B. No. 136 Reduces property taxes on certain homes
S. B. No. 153 Temporarily modify the method for valuing real property for taxes
S. B. No. 171 Temporarily authorize income tax credit for certain investments
S. B. No. 172 Exempt sales of manned aircraft from sales and use tax
S. B. No. 189 Authorize tax credit for handgun training and firearms storage
S. B. No. 216 Phase-out state income tax; repeal commercial activity tax
S. B. No. 224 Modify sales and use taxation of delivery network services
S. B. No. 242 Expand the charitable use property tax exemption
S. B. No. 244 Authorize programs for partial homeowner property tax exemptions
S. B. No. 256 Modify the earned income tax credit; increase the minimum wage
S. B. No. 271 Authorize tax credit or rebate for certain homeowners, renters
H. B. No. 324 Temporarily authorize tax credit for sale of high-ethanol fuel
H. B. No. 347 Presume certain vehicles for agricultural purposes re: sales tax