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Regards electronic filing of court documents; computerization

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To amend sections 9.03, 120.54, 181.21, 325.33, 345.13, 517.23, 1317.07, 1901.02, 1901.123, 1901.261, 1907.11, 1907.143, 1907.261, 2303.081, 2303.201, 2505.02, 2929.20, 2967.26, 3517.01, 3517.10, 3517.12, 3517.13, 3517.155, 3517.992, 3517.993, 4507.112, 4509.101, and 4517.261; to enact new section 135.032 and sections 181.26, 1901.313, 1907.202, and 3109.055; and to repeal sections 135.032 and 135.321 of the Revised Code to address the laws governing financial and administrative matters of the courts, judgeships and court jurisdiction in Conneaut and Ashtabula County, appeals related to enforcement of state law, conciliation in family law proceedings, the use of financial assistance by legal aid societies, allocation of funds to the Indigent Support Defense Fund, political subdivision soldiers' memorials, maintenance of a mausoleum or columbarium, third-party administration of driving tests, motor vehicle documentary service charges, and public depositories; to establish a standing juvenile committee of the Criminal Sentencing Commission; to prohibit chartered counties and municipal corporations from using public funds for certain purposes; to modify the Campaign Finance Law; and to reiterate the effective date of judicial release and transitional control provisions enacted in S.B. 288 of the 134th General Assembly.

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