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Eliminate limitations period for certain sexual abuse claims

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To amend section 2305.111 and to enact section 2950.021 of the Revised Code to enact the Scout's Honor Law to eliminate the limitations period for a civil action based on a claim of childhood sexual abuse only for purposes of filing claims against a bankruptcy estate of an organization chartered under federal law; to provide with respect to sex offenders and child-victim offenders who committed their offense prior to January 1, 2008, mechanisms for reclassifying or classifying the offenders in specified circumstances under the SORN Law in effect prior to that date; to subsequently amend section 2305.111 of the Revised Code five years after the effective date of that section to remove the described elimination of the limitations period; and to declare an emergency.

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Effective Date

October 12, 2023
Emergency: Amendments to R.C. 2305.111 effective October 12, 2023; R.C. 2950.021 effective January 11, 2024; Amendments to R.C. 2305.111 reversed effective October 12, 2028

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