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Regards the Treasurer of State, recorded instruments, liens, etc.

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To amend sections 317.13, 317.32, 317.36, 1113.13, 1317.07, 1337.04, 1901.261, 1907.261, 2303.081, 2303.201, 2329.02, 3735.671, 4301.17, 4301.171, 4303.041, 4303.184, 4399.15, 4505.104, 4505.13, 4511.01, 4513.61, 4513.62, 4513.63, 4513.64, 4513.65, 4513.66, 4513.69, 4517.261, and 5323.02; to enact new section 135.032 and sections 1901.313, 1907.202, 3320.05, 3320.06, 3320.07, 3320.08, 3333.0419, 3333.80, 3333.801, 3345.0210, and 5301.234; and to repeal sections 135.032, 135.321, and 4505.131 of the Revised Code and to amend Sections 381.10, 381.220, 381.525, 381.565, and 413.10 of H.B. 33 of the 135th General Assembly to make various changes regarding recorded instruments, powers of attorney, judgment liens, mortgage subrogation, law enforcement towing laws, state stock banks, liquor control laws, motor vehicle sales and leases, designation of public depositories, community reinvestment areas, motor vehicle certificates of title, and higher education cost and aid disclosure forms; to provide for the electronic filing of pleadings or documents in courts of common pleas except a probate or juvenile court; in municipal courts, and in county courts, to permit an elected clerk to disburse funds for the computerization of the clerk's office without the court's authorization; to permit municipal and county courts to increase the maximum amount of their additional fees from ten dollars to twenty dollars to cover the computerization of the clerk's office; to enact the "CAMPUS" Act regarding the prevention of harassment and intimidation at institutions of higher education; to establish campus safety and community programs; to provide additional funding to support responsibilities of the Chancellor of Higher Education related to educator preparation programs and the science of reading; and to make appropriations.

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