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Ohioans Should Have the Right to Fix Their Own Stuff

November 10, 2022
Louis W. Blessing, III News
COLUMBUS—State Senator Louis W. Blessing, III (R-Cincinnati) introduced Senate Bill 366, a “Right to Repair Bill” today in the Ohio Senate.

“Growing up, dad and I could take a trip to the appliance or hardware store, and find parts for just about anything,” said Blessing. “Today it is almost impossible to fix it yourself because so many things are not made to be easily fixed.”

The basic idea behind the legislation is simple. Make it easier for Ohioans to repair electronics, which today covers just about everything from your television to your washer and dryer. Whether they do it themselves or find a repair shop, manuals and parts should be available.

“Inflation has made the common answer of, ‘Just go buy a new one, it’s cheaper,’ unreasonable and at today’s prices inconsiderate of hard-working Ohioans who would simply like to keep their refrigerator running for another couple years.”

Read Senator Blessing’s recent editorial submission about the bill here.