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President Matt Huffman and Finance Chairman Matt Dolan Announce Projects for Strategic Community Investment Fund
June 10, 2024
Matt Dolan News

It might sound like a character from a Dr. Seuss story, but the “OTSCIF” represents a remarkable additional investment into Ohio communities.

Affectionately known around the Statehouse as the “OTSCIF,” this one-time fund was created as part of the state’s operating budget. It provides a total of $700 million to be used as an additional source of funding for communities and organizations to apply for help with projects that might not normally meet the criteria required for the traditional Capital Budget.

Each chamber worked on $350 million in projects for the fund, and it represents the first phase of the Capital Budget rollout this spring.

"This additional $700 million gives the General Assembly an opportunity to reinvest in our communities," said Senate President Matt Huffman. "It gave many organizations a second chance for funding, much like the $600,000 allocated to the new water tower project for Fort Recovery," said President Huffman. "These are projects that people notice because they make a difference every day in their neighborhood."

From funding for water system projects to investments in volunteer fire departments and renovations for classroom laboratories, this money makes meaningful improvements to the communities we call home.

Shawnee State College of Health and Human Services does outstanding work preparing students in Southern Ohio for careers in the medical field. A total of $5 million from the OTSCIF will be used to renovate and expand the science labs which are used to educate and train students for careers ranging from nursing, EMT’s and even pre-med programs for aspiring doctors.

“Shawnee State runs an efficient and effective curriculum for students looking for long term careers in the medical field,” said Senator Terry Johnson. “We need to invest in the programs and places that produce results, and Shawnee State does a great job serving the people who call the 14th Senate District home.”

We recently visited the university highlighting its remarkable track record training future engineers. Watch our story here.

Senator Matt Dolan serves as the Senate’s Finance Chairman, and has led the chamber through multiple Capital and Operating Budgets. This Capital Budget in particular represents a unique opportunity for Ohio neighborhoods around the state. "Our purpose with these one-time funds is to return taxpayers their money through community projects throughout the state which enhance our quality of life," said Senate Finance Chairman, Senator Matt Dolan. "These projects are in addition to the $3.1 billion in tax cuts passed in our last operating budget."

Senate Bill 288, the legislation carrying the "OTSCIF" funding was introduced Monday. The Senate's Finance Committee will hold hearings on the bill Tuesday and Wednesday.

The next phase of the traditional Capital Budget will be introduced soon.

Follow “On The Record” for the latest updates as the budget takes the form of legislation and works its way through the General Assembly.