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Matt Dolan Legislation

Primary Sponsored Bills

Bill Title
S. B. No. 275 Regards virtual net metering and meter aggregation
S. B. No. 288 Make supplemental operating appropriations
S. B. No. 292 Make capital appropriations and reappropriations

Cosponsored Bills

Bill Title
S. B. No. 6 Regards certain public entities' governance policies
S. B. No. 16 Regards immunity from liability for donations of perishable food
S. B. No. 17 Add capitalism to high school financial literacy standards
S. B. No. 24 Designate Sikh Awareness Month
S. B. No. 29 Regards education records and student data privacy
H. B. No. 33 Establishes operating appropriations for fiscal years 2024-2025
S. B. No. 34 Designate July as "Sarcoma Awareness Month"; name act Hank's Law
H. B. No. 35 Eliminate limitations period for certain sexual abuse claims
S. B. No. 39 Exempt certain baby products from sales and use tax
S. B. No. 41 Revise the building inspection law
S. B. No. 42 Adopt the 1905 Wright Flyer III as the state airplane
S. B. No. 43 Modify homestead exemption-surviving spouse of a disabled veteran
S. B. No. 45 Designate Veterans Memorial Bridge in Trumbull County
H. B. No. 47 Require automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in schools
H. B. No. 49 Regards availability of hospital price information
S. B. No. 54 Establish the New African Immigrants Grant and Gift Fund
H. B. No. 56 Increase penalty-fleeing police; regards motor vehicle pursuit
S. B. No. 56 Enter the Interstate Massage Compact (IMpact)
H. B. No. 61 Designate James A. Garfield Day
S. B. No. 62 Designate Rutherford B. Hayes Day
S. B. No. 95 Authorize the operation of remote dispensing pharmacies
S. B. No. 100 Prohibit installing tracking device or app without consent
S. B. No. 109 Regards sex offenses, State Medical Board regulated persons
S. B. No. 114 Designate Lance Corporal James F. Kimple Memorial Highway
S. B. No. 141 Designate American Gold Star Mothers, Inc. Memorial Highway
S. B. No. 142 Designates Arab American Heritage Month
S. B. No. 145 Designate Cpl. David A. Johnston Memorial Highway
S. B. No. 154 Include Space Force in armed forces, armed and uniformed service
H. B. No. 161 Eliminate spousal exceptions for certain sex offenses
S. B. No. 162 Regards academic intervention services
S. B. No. 183 Designate Lance Corporal James Patrick Rizzo Memorial Highway
H. B. No. 187 Modify procedures to conduct property tax sales-assessment study
H. B. No. 195 Create an adaptive mobility dealer license
S. B. No. 195 Establish Ohio Ireland Trade Commission
S. B. No. 198 Provide inmates with state ID cards, education documentation
S. B. No. 208 To require a military exception in an open enrollment policy
S. B. No. 214 Allow human trafficking victim to expunge certain records
S. B. No. 225 Designate Veterans Suicide Awareness and Prevention Day
H. B. No. 226 Regards customer-owned water service lines replacement costs
S. B. No. 234 Designate Food Allergy Awareness Month
H. B. No. 251 Designate Deputy Sheriff James "Jim" Wert Memorial Highway
S. B. No. 257 Allow military to participate in homeownership savings program
S. B. No. 281 Regards info poster on benefits and services for veterans

Primary Sponsored Resolutions

Resolution Title
S. R. No. 4 In memory of Jean-Jules Leopold Botomogno.
S. R. No. 6 Honoring Katie Clute on winning the 2022 Division I State girls cross country championship.
S. R. No. 77 Honoring Keira Leneghan as a 2023 State Gymnastics Champion.
S. R. No. 149 Honoring the Olmsted Falls High School boys lacrosse team as the 2023 Division II State Champion.
S. R. No. 200 Honoring the Northern Ohio Golf Course Superintendents Association on its One Hundredth Anniversary.
S. R. No. 209 Recognizing the late President James A. Garfield for his legacy of public service.
S. R. No. 230 Honoring Caryl Philips for outstanding service to the State of Ohio.
S. R. No. 250 Honoring Matt Spellman on being named the 2023 OIAAA Athletic Director of the Year.
S. R. No. 259 Honoring Elizabeth Baumgartner for outstanding service to the State of Ohio.
S. R. No. 279 Honoring Ron Rutt on receiving the ITEEA Award.
S. R. No. 280 Honoring Luke Kieffer on receiving the ITEEA Award.
S. R. No. 292 Honoring The Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist on its One Hundred Seventy-fifth Anniversary.
S. R. No. 308 Honoring the Brecksville-Broadview Heights High School gymnastics team on winning the 2024 State Championship.
S. R. No. 346 Honoring the Olmsted Falls High School girls basketball team on winning the 2024 Division I State Championship.
S. C. R. No. 3 Urge Congress, President designate funding for Ohio hydrogen hubs

Cosponsored Resolutions

Resolution Title
S. R. No. 3 In memory of Charles Frederick Horn.
S. R. No. 7 In memory of Steven Maurer.
S. R. No. 17 Honoring Dennis Waites on his retirement from CSRAB.
S. R. No. 27 Honoring Frank Strigari for outstanding service to the Ohio Senate.
S. R. No. 34 In memory of Kent K. Smith.
S. R. No. 35 In memory of Representative Kristopher W. Jordan.
S. R. No. 43 In memory of William Frank Reineke, Sr.
S. R. No. 53 Honoring Michael J. O'Neill on his retirement from LSC.
S. R. No. 54 Honoring Dennis M. Papp for years of stalwart service to the Legislative Service Commission.
S. R. No. 55 In memory of Dr. Samuel Wallace Speck, Jr.
S. R. No. 117 Honoring the remarkable life of Lorraine Ann Barron.
S. R. No. 160 In memory of Thomas Charles Sawyer.
S. R. No. 173 In memory of Richard L. Ditto
S. R. No. 191 Honoring Jeff Golon for thirty-five years of commendable service to the Ohio Legislative Service Commission.
S. R. No. 195 In memory of Scott R. Nein.
S. R. No. 196 Urge Congress to amend the Railway Safety Act of 2023
S. R. No. 201 Recognizing September 18-24, 2023, as Rail Safety Week in Ohio.
S. R. No. 213 Honoring Ross Miller on his retirement from the Ohio Legislative Service Commission.
S. R. No. 214 Condemn attacks against Israel; support Israel's people
S. R. No. 215 Oppose proposed constitutional amendment Issue 1
S. R. No. 216 Express opposition to Issue 2; encourage Ohioans to vote against
S. R. No. 232 Honoring Chancellor Randy Gardner for exemplary service to the Ohio Department of Higher Education.
S. R. No. 240 Condemn the People's Republic of China for role in drug trade
S. R. No. 241 Condemn People's Republic of China
S. R. No. 242 Urge Congress designate drug cartels as terrorist organizations
S. R. No. 256 Honoring Timothy Young on his retirement as the Ohio Public Defender.
S. R. No. 285 In memory of Stanley J. Aronoff.
S. R. No. 291 In memory of Theodore M. Gray, Jr.
S. R. No. 343 In memory of Carolyn Jean Prentiss.
S. R. No. 362 In memory of Shirley A. Huffman.
S. R. No. 385 Honoring Michael A. Rulli for his exemplary service to the Ohio Senate.
H. C. R. No. 6 Urge Congress to repeal Windfall Elimination
S. C. R. No. 7 Condemns the People's Republic of China regarding the drug trade
S. C. R. No. 8 Urge federal govt reduce processing time-veteran disability claim
S. C. R. No. 9 Urge Congress support military, veteran mental health treatment