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Board Approves Funding for Lorain County Community College

April 26, 2022
Nathan H. Manning News
COLUMBUS—State Senator Nathan Manning (R-North Ridgeville) announced that the State Controlling Board has approved the release of funding for two projects that will benefit Lorain County Community College.

First, the Community College has been granted more than $1 million to help construct new utility tunnels. These tunnels were assessed in 2019 and are due for repairs and maintenance.

The tunnel system serves as the main pathway for utilities serving the campus and its maintenance and repair is critical to the integrity of the services the college provides to its students.

In addition, more than $155,000 has been secured by the Community College to upgrade its security system with modern security cameras.

“Lorain County Community College serves thousands of students around the region, and it is imperative that those students attend their courses and activities in secure and modern facilities,” said Manning. “The funds approved by the State will ensure that LCCC continues to provide the best experience for all of those who attend and interact with the Community College.”

“LCCC appreciates the State’s support as we provide a high quality educational experience for students,” said Dr. Marcia Ballinger, President of Lorain County Community College. “With this support, LCCC will continue to deliver affordable access to higher education, positively impacting our students, their families, local economies, and communities.”