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Ohio Senate Passes Major Criminal Justice Reforms

Provides Pathways to Second Chances and Strengthens Penalties for Domestic Violence
November 30, 2022
Nathan H. Manning News
COLUMBUS— Today the Ohio Senate passed Senate Bill 288, sponsored by State Senator Nathan Manning (R-North Ridgeville), providing major criminal justice reforms for the state of Ohio.

For two years as Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Manning has worked towards meaningful criminal justice reforms that provide pathways to second chances, modifies Ohio's drug offense law, and strengthens penalties for domestic violence offenders.

"Our communities deserve to feel safe, but for many in Ohio, crime has hit too close to home," said Manning. "People are seeking solutions that work, and Senate Bill 288 presents multiple solutions. This bill will improve public safety for all Ohioans, while ensuring that people in prison have the tools they need to succeed and give back to their communities when they return home."

Senate Bill 288 includes key reforms to:
  • Increase credit eligibility from current 8% to 15% in reduction of prison term for active participation or completion of constructive programs, helping accelerate an eligible offenders success after release.
  • Modify the current "Good Samaritan" law by expanding immunity from prosecution for minor drug possession offenses.
  • Strengthen penalties for domestic violent offenders by increasing the penalties from strangulation or suffocation to a felony domestic violence conviction.
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This legislation builds on other major criminal justice reforms the Senate has passed over the last several years to help Ohioans find support as they fight to beat the cycle of addiction; provide local courts with flexibility, and reform Ohio’s sentencing laws, including intervention in lieu of conviction and a presumption against prison time for many low-level, non-violent offenders.

The legislation now moves to the Ohio House for further consideration.