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Antonio Blasts Republican Power Grab While Putting President Biden on the Ballot

May 31, 2024
Nickie J. Antonio News

Today, Senate Democratic Leader Nickie J. Antonio (D-Lakewood) issued the following statement after the Ohio Senate passed House Bill 1, which bans political contributions by foreign nationals and unnecessarily expands the attorney general’s enforcement authority, sidelining the bipartisan Ohio Elections Commission.

“The expansion of the attorney general’s authority is nothing more than a political power grab,” said Antonio. “I’m deeply concerned about the erosion of the Ohio Elections Commission’s power. This bill does not protect our elections or help fix campaign finance law; it puts more power into the hands of a partisan political official, who by his own words, doesn’t want it.”

Pursuant to the governor’s proclamation for special session, the Senate also passed House Bill 2 to allow President Biden to be on the November ballot.

“As I have said before, President Biden will be on the November ballot," said Antonio. "It’s unfortunate that House and Senate Republicans were unable to assist in solving that issue without forcing through a partisan bill that undermines grassroots democracy. However, Democrats were pleased to vote to put President Biden on the ballot and look forward to a permanent solution in the future.”