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Antonio Condemns Senate Bill 215

February 28, 2024
Nickie J. Antonio News

Today, Senate Democratic Leader Nickie J. Antonio (D-Lakewood) condemned the passage of Senate Bill 215, a Republican bill that is titled to limit certain campaign contributions from foreign nationals but creates a host of consequences – whether intended or unintended. 

“Let’s be clear – this bill will simply make it more difficult for Ohioans to have their voices heard on the issues that matter most to them, ballot issues and questions at both the state and local level,” said Antonio. “It appears that Republicans with an artificial majority want to put up roadblocks that make it harder for those grassroots issues to pass – issues that Republicans oppose for purely political reasons.”

The most problematic change would require all local ballot issue committees to follow the same laws as political action committees. This would impact local ballot issues like proposed liquor law changes, zoning changes, or even a citizen-led initiative to install a stop sign at a dangerous intersection. 

While the bill would prohibit candidates and ballot issue campaigns from knowingly receiving foreign contributions, the provision would be unenforceable without federal action to prohibit anyone or any group in any state from accepting foreign contributions. 

Senate Bill 215 now heads to the Ohio House of Representatives.