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Antonio Remembers C.J. Prentiss

April 12, 2024
Nickie J. Antonio News

Today, Senate Democratic Leader Nickie J. Antonio (D-Lakewood) issued the following statement on former Ohio Senate Democratic Leader C.J. Prentiss, who passed away on April 9, ahead of her funeral this weekend:

“C.J. Prentiss was a colleague, mentor, and friend whose dedication to fighting for Ohio’s most underserved communities left a lasting impression on our state’s history," said Antonio. "Her fierce advocacy and unwavering commitment to justice inspired a generation of leaders, including myself. While we certainly lost an incredible individual, her legacy has and will continue to shape our pursuit of a better, more equitable Ohio."

Throughout her distinguished career, Prentiss held several elected offices, first serving on the State Board of Education from 1985 to 1990. She was sworn into the Ohio House of Representatives in 1991 and served in the chamber until 1998 when she was elected to the Ohio Senate. There, Prentiss became the second African American woman to serve as Senate Minority Leader in 2005 and the first female president of the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus.

More info on Prentiss’ life and arrangements can be found here.