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Democrats Urge Governor DeWine to Veto Voter Suppression Bill

January 5, 2023
Nickie J. Antonio News

Today, the Ohio Senate Democratic Caucus sent a letter to Governor Mike DeWine urging him to use his executive powers to veto House Bill 458, which would make it more difficult for Ohioans to vote by requiring strict photo ID requirements and slash the timeframe in which voters can return their ballots after Election Day. The bill also eliminates early in-person voting on the Monday before election day, one of the busiest early in-person voting days.

“The right to vote in America is sacred. Changing the way we conduct our elections will affect that right for millions of Ohioans and should be given careful and extensive consideration,” wrote Senate Democrats. “However, the Ohio General Assembly had only two days to consider this bill as amended before taking a vote. Even with the short period of time that this legislation was considered, it is clear that nearly every provision included in this bill will disenfranchise Ohio voters.”

Find the full letter here.