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Ohio Senate Democratic Caucus Urges DeWine to Reconsider Proposed Rules Impacting Gender-Affirming Care

January 16, 2024
Nickie J. Antonio News

Today, the Ohio Senate Democratic Caucus sent a letter to Governor DeWine expressing their concerns about proposed administrative rules that could significantly impede access to gender-affirming care in Ohio.

“While these rules may have been drafted with the intention of taking a more pragmatic approach than the legislature, in reality, this proposal could make it more difficult for trans Ohioans to receive the life-saving medical care that they need,” the letter said. “The proposed rules go even further than House Bill 68 by interfering with the lives and medical care of both trans children and trans adults.”

The letter highlights problematic issues with the proposed rules, including defining a highly specialized care team, an ineffective grandparent clause and creating barriers to accessing care. These rules will severely restrict access to life-saving treatments and could result in clinic closures. Trans children and trans adults may be pushed out of their existing care and onto a waitlist at the remaining medical facilities. This proposal demonstrates harmful government overreach for Ohioans who want access to essential healthcare.   

“Many of these proposed restrictions are extreme, burdensome, and not evidence-based. They will make access to care so difficult that such care is effectively banned. These medical decisions should continue to be left to parents and individuals in consultation with their health care providers.”

The Senate Democratic Caucus intends to send a full response to the proposed rules during the public comment phase.

Read the full letter here.