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Senate Concurs On O'Brien Bill Clarifying Veteran Health Care Benefits

June 7, 2022
Sandra O'Brien News
COLUMBUS—State Senator Sandra O'Brien (R-Ashtabula) announced that the Ohio Senate concurred last week with changes to Senate Bill 160, also known as the Veteran Information Act.

The Veterans Information Act would require health care workers and caseworkers to inform veterans about the available health care benefits through either the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), or other veteran service organizations. "Often, veterans who are unaware or unable to access their VA coverage use Medicaid services as a more convenient method of receiving care," said O'Brien, who sponsored the legislation. "The Veteran Information Act is an important first step in both ensuring Ohio's veterans receive the care they deserve while also saving the State of Ohio money."

Changes to the bill include that a veteran's spouse or representative must also receive their health information as well as directing the Ohio Department of Medicaid to send information about the county veterans service commission to veterans that apply for Medicaid.

Senate Bill 160 will now be sent to the Governor for consideration.