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Senate Passes Wilson Bill to Encourage Food Donations

April 26, 2023
Steve Wilson News

COLUMBUS—The Ohio Senate today passed Senator Steve Wilson's (R-Maineville) bill removing a potential obstacle of food donations to nonprofit organizations.Senate Bill16 gives a person, or company, immunity from civil liability upon making a perishable food donation even if the nonprofit that distributes the food charges a nominal fee to people in need. 

Current law provides immunity from civil liability for donating perishable food, but only if the nonprofit provides the food totally free of charge. This bill extends that immunity to those who donate to organizations that charge individuals an amount sufficient to cover the cost of handling perishable food. 

"This is a simple bill, it ensures we protect organizations that are working towards the public good," said Wilson. "This change in a small oversight in the Good Samaritan law also protects companies like Kroger when they donate perishable food items to non-profits."

Senate Bill 16 now goes to the House for consideration.