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Wilson Supports Israel

October 12, 2023
Steve Wilson News

COLUMBUS—State Senator Steve Wilson (R-Maineville) strongly supports Senate Resolution 214 condemning the attack on Israel by Hamas and those supporting their invasion and atrocities. 

This resolution declares our unwavering and unequivocal support for the Israeli people as they defend themselves against this unjustifiable and atrocious attack.

"These attacks on the Israeli people are senseless and unprovoked," Wilson said. "Our friends in Israel need our support now more than ever."

On Saturday, October 7th, 2023, Hamas terrorists carried out an unprovoked attack on the state of Israel. Terrified Israelis awoke that morning to terrorists executing an intricately planned, coordinated attack by land, sea, & air.  

The subsequent reports of atrocities, including the kidnapping of civilians, the rape of girls and women, and beheading of babies has revolted the entire civilized world.

Officials confirm more than 1,200 people in Israel have been killed, including 22 U.S. citizens, and 20 or more Americans were missing.

Israel is one of our strongest allies and we must stand by our friends. 

We condemn the actions of Hamas in the strongest terms possible.