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Johnson Appointed Chair of Addiction and Community Revitalization Committee

June 3, 2022
Terry Johnson News
COLUMBUS—State Senator Terry Johnson (R-McDermott) announced this week his appointment by Ohio Senate President Matt Huffman (R-Lima) as Chair of the Addiction and Community Revitalization Committee.

“We are blessed to have two doctors in our caucus,” said President Huffman. “Doctor Johnson brings an expert level of understanding about our options to successfully address the scourge opioid addiction has brought to neighborhoods across Ohio.”

The committee will look at various reasons addiction continues to spread across Ohio, as well as how the legislature should best respond to it. The toll addiction has taken on our families and communities has been devastating. As the committee travels, the members will listen and learn from local leaders, elected officials, and residential experts who best understand what is happening in their own neighborhoods.

"I'm honored that my colleagues and I have been selected to address the addiction epidemic and its societal cascade in our communities," Johnson said. "I look forward to working with leaders and experts from around the state on finding real solutions to this ever-worsening crisis."

The committee plans to meet in various communities around the state. These meetings will be open to the public with limited seating available and livestreamed on the Ohio Channel. The first meeting will be held on Monday, June 6th at 4pm at Shawnee State University. For more information, visit the committee page here.