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Johnson Supports Resolution to Protect Retirement Benefits

April 11, 2024
Terry Johnson News

COLUMBUS - State Senator Terry Johnson (R-McDermott) voted for a resolution to protect retirement benefits. The Ohio Senate adopted House Concurrent Resolution 6, which urges Congress to repeal the Windfall Elimination Provision and the Government Pension Offset. Johnson is also a co-sponsor of H.C.R. 6.

There are nearly 1.7 million participants in Ohio's public retirement systems and over 450,000 beneficiaries and recipients. It is estimated that nearly 250,000 Ohioans are already losing out on their earned retirement income because of these provisions.

"Ohio is blessed to have many dutiful public servants throughout our state. Our police officers, firefighters, teachers, and countless others deserve to know their earned retirement benefits actually belong to them," Johnson said. "I urge Congress to step up for the Ohioans who keep our state safe and moving forward."

The Windfall Elimination Provision reduces Social Security benefits for individuals who have also worked in jobs not covered by Social Security. The provision was meant to prevent "double dipping" by individuals receiving both a public pension and Social Security. In reality, it reduces the earned Social Security benefits of public servants, including teachers and law enforcement officers.

The Government Pension Offset reduces the Social Security spousal or survivor benefit paid to an individual's spouse who receives a government pension that is not covered by Social Security.

House Concurrent Resolution 6 supports repealing these provisions so Ohioans can keep more of their hard-earned benefits.