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Senator Johnson Introduces Resolution Condemning China for Flood of Illegal Drugs

August 3, 2023
Terry Johnson News

COLUMBUS—State Senator Terry Johnson (R-McDermott) today announced the introduction of Senate Concurrent Resolution 7, condemning China for its role in the global drug trade.

“Not only is China the largest point of origin of fentanyl smuggled to the United States, but China has allowed and encouraged the proliferation of fentanyl as a matter of policy, causing irreparable harm to our country and our communities,” Johnson said. “Fentanyl kills thousands of Ohioans a year. China must be held accountable.”

The People’s Republic of China has failed to address illegal drug activity within its borders and has refused to cooperate with U.S. efforts to slow and stop the drug trade.

In fact, the production of fentanyl, along with its precursors, is actually encouraged through the Chinese government’s economic incentives. Senate Concurrent Resolution 7 puts China on notice that Ohioans will not stand idly by as their communities are ravaged by the devastation of drug addiction.

Senator Johnson chairs the Senate's Community Revitalization Committee which launched its first set of statewide hearings in Portsmouth in 2021 to review, assess and update the approach to community addiction and recovery programs. Those hearings resulted in Senate Bill 105, much of which became part of Ohio's new operating budget.

"It is imperative that money invested in treatment programs delivers long term results," said Senator Johnson. "We owe it to our families, our neighborhoods and to our taxpayers."