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Senate Finalizes Vote on $4.2 Billion Capital Budget

Bill Signed Into Law by Governor DeWine
By John Fortney
June 28, 2024
On The Record

Months of meetings, planning and project vetting reached a final vote this week in the Ohio General Assembly. Both the House and Senate approved Ohio’s $4.2 billion investment into communities and neighborhoods around Ohio, including parks and schools and state-owned property.

The Capital Budget featured an additional $700 million unique one-time fund, nicknamed the “OTSCIF.” The One-Time Strategic Community Investment Fund provided an additional opportunity for organizations and communities to apply for project funding.

The Chairman of the Senate’s Finance Committee, Senator Matt Dolan joins the President’s Podcast this week to talk about why the Capital Budget is important to the state and the communities it helps. Senator Dolan led the Senate through three operating budgets as well. Get his expert insight on Ohio’s economy, and the remarkable flattening of Ohio’s income tax structure.

He also talks about his Senate Bill addressing Ohio’s energy policy as significant economic developments continue to put an additional transmission and generation load on our power grid.

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