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The Enquirer: Senate Bill 83 does little to benefit students at Ohio colleges | Opinion

By Catherine D. Ingram
November 26, 2023
The Democratic Standard

"Higher education is under attack in Ohio. Right-wing legislators, who have entrenched their power through gerrymandering, now want to control what happens on college campuses in an attempt to fight back against 'liberal indoctrination.' Senate Bill 83, sponsored by Senator Jerry Cirino, is Ohio’s iteration of bills that have been introduced by Republicans across the United States to promote 'intellectual diversity.'

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are a set of principles that organizations and leaders strive to incorporate in decision-making and governance. The rationale for considering these principles is to ensure that the diverse backgrounds and unique needs of every individual is taken into account. This is especially pertinent when you consider the lack of voice that minorities in America have had in the past, and how that shaped our systems today..."

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