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Ingram Condemns Anti-Trans Attacks

December 13, 2023
Catherine D. Ingram News

Today, state Senator Catherine D. Ingram (D-Cincinnati) issued a statement after the Ohio Senate voted to pass House Bill 68, which will ban critical gender-affirming health care for minors and ban transgender student-athletes from playing on sports teams that align with their gender identity, effectively banning them from school sports entirely.
“Here we find ourselves again at the behest of the Republican Party declaring they know what is best for our families and our health care needs,” said Ingram. “The will of Ohioans is only recognized in the eyes of the majority if and when the choice has been decided by them. Shame on them.”
Banning gender-affirming care strips rights away from parents who, in coordination with health care providers, make informed decisions that support their children and let them live as their authentic selves. Gender-affirming care is safe, effective, and supported by every major medical and mental health association.

The bill reverses the equitable access for trans students established through Ohio High School Athletic Association and NCAA policies that have been in place for years. Denying this type of youth development to only some students is discriminatory and demonstrates to Ohio's youngest citizens that not all people are treated equally. 

In addition to the more than 300 Ohioans who testified in opposition in the House, over 800 Ohioans have pleaded with the legislature to not pass this bill.
House Bill 68 now heads back to the Ohio House of Representatives for concurrence.