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Ingram Denounces Senate Resolutions

October 11, 2023
Catherine D. Ingram News

Today, state Senator Catherine Ingram (D-Cincinnati) issued the following statements after the Ohio Senate voted along party lines on resolutions opposing the passage of State Issues 1 and 2.
“The Republican majority keeps attempting to interfere with the democratic processes that the people of Ohio have rightfully participated in," said Ingram. "The Majority continuously tries to undermine the voices of the people when the peoples’ wants do not align with the Majority Party’s interest. We need to let the voters decide."
Issue 1 would enshrine reproductive rights into the Ohio Constitution, by guaranteeing the right to abortion and protecting the right to other reproductive health care such as contraception, fertility treatment, miscarriage care and the right to continue a pregnancy. Issue 2 would legalize adult-use recreational marijuana.
Read the language of Issue 1 here and of Issue 2 here.
Note: Under normal circumstances, members of the General Assembly would be prohibited from using their office or state resources to endorse a position on a citizen-led ballot issue. However, now that the Senate has taken up a resolution on the ballot initiative, that initiative becomes an official legislative endeavor of the Senate. It therefore becomes a topic that members may speak to using their office and state resources, as they can defend their votes on the resolution or urge the public either support or oppose the measures.