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Ingram Issues Response to Governor's State of the State

January 31, 2023
Catherine D. Ingram News

Today, state Senator Catherine D. Ingram (D-Cincinnati) issued the following statement in response to Governor Mike DeWine’s State of the State address:
“The Governor, Mike DeWine, has always been an individual of integrity focused on children and families, putting forth the reality that all Ohioans are important and deserve to prosper and grow right here in Ohio,” said Sen. Ingram. “I do not agree with everything he put forth today but believe we can move forward deliberately. Though his intentions are well outlined, my concern, as well as his, is that it is up to this constitutional body to have the wisdom, common sense, and goodness to have the people at heart. Nothing can be changed if you don’t face it. There is still an awful lot to be faced here in Ohio and at the Statehouse.”
Following the State of the State address, Senate Democrats highlighted their plan to create a budget that works for everyone and invests in Ohio families and workers. Some of their priorities include fostering economic recovery; investing in education by fully funding the Fair School Funding Plan; ensuring affordable and quality childcare and early childhood education; prioritizing safe and affordable housing; protecting the environment; and strengthening democracy.
Watch the full Democratic response here.