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Senate Passes McColley and Gavarone Resolution to Protect Ohio Constitution

April 19, 2023
Rob McColley News

COLUMBUS - The Ohio State Senate today passed a resolution sponsored by Senators Rob McColley (R-Napoleon) and Theresa Gavarone (R-Bowling Green) to protect the Ohio Constitution from calculated attacks by well-funded special interest groups. Senate Joint Resolution 2 proposes a constitutional amendment, that would, if approved by Ohio voters, raise the threshold for future constitutional amendments to 60%, while preserving the ability for the voters to enact a statute with a 50% vote. The resolution places the issue on the ballot during an August 8th special election.

"Ohio’s Constitution has been easily influenced by well-funded out-of-state special interests seeking to alter our Constitution for their own benefit," said McColley. "Time after time, we've seen special interests buy their way onto the statewide ballot and spend millions of dollars in ads while seeking to make permanent policy changes to in our state constitution, that would be better suited as laws.”

Under current law, only a simple majority (50% plus one vote) is required to adopt constitutional amendments, leaving Ohio’s founding document vulnerable to exploitation by special interest groups who wish to implant a perpetual business advantage into our constitution.
"For too long, well-funded out-of-state special interests have attacked our constitution," Gavarone said. "Making changes to our founding document should be difficult, rare and supported by an overwhelming majority of Ohioans."

The Senate also approved Senate Bill 92, which establishes and provides the necessary funding for conducting the one-time special election on August 8th, and permits future uses of August special elections for additional, narrowly-defined purposes. Both SJR 2 and SB 92 now move to the House for consideration.