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Senator Rob McColley Appointed to Ohio Redistricting Commission

May 3, 2022
Rob McColley News
COLUMBUS—State Senator Rob McColley (R-Napoleon) will serve on the Ohio Redistricting Commission for the remainder of its meetings. Senate President Matt Huffman made the appointment Tuesday. Senator McColley currently serves as co-chair of the Ohio Legislative Task Force on Redistricting Reapportionment and Demographic Research and brings an expert level of understanding to the Commission regarding its role in drawing maps for the Ohio General Assembly. “I have confidence in Rob’s knowledge and ability to apply the strict map making rules required by the Constitution to help develop the next set of revised maps from the commission for the Supreme Court to consider,” said Senate President Huffman. After four sets of General Assembly maps were invalidated by a repeated narrow majority of the Supreme Court, President Huffman said, “I believe Senator McColley offers a fresh approach and a new opportunity to produce a result that clearly the majority of the court was not willing to consider with the speaker and myself serving as members.”

“I’m looking forward to working with my fellow commissioners as we focus on the May 6th deadline set by the Ohio Supreme Court,” said Senator McColley. “Each set of maps have addressed the guidance of the majority, we will continue to try to meet that guidance.” The Redistricting process began more than a year ago and has become mired in court challenges. “There are additional legislative issues that need attention now, including the Capital Budget,” said President Huffman, and “Senator McColley is qualified and ready to carry out his duties on the commission.” “We know special interest groups from Washington, D.C. shall attempt to undermine consensus,” said President Huffman, “but if all the commissioners truly focus on the law the maps can be completed and constitutional.”