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Press Releases
April 7, 2017 Protecting Ohio's Seniors from Financial Fraud
The integrity and goodness of a person is determined by how he or she treats the most vulnerable members of society. Our resolve to protect them and advocate on their behalf is just as important.
March 22, 2017 Wilson Announces Senate Passage of $7.8 Billion Investment in Ohio's Job-Sustaining Highway System
"I am proud of the provisions the Senate added to this budget," said State Senator Steve Wilson (R-Maineville). "Directing more money for local infrastructure projects will allow for overdue construction and maintenance repairs of Ohio's transportation system."
March 17, 2017 Press Release: Senate Passes Legislation Helping to Protect Safe Drinking Water
"Ohioans rely on safe drinking water for themselves and for their families," said Wilson. "This legislation takes further steps to protect one of our most precious natural resources."
March 15, 2017 Office Hours: Senator Wilson Invites Warren County Residents to Attend District Office Hours
“It is important to keep an open dialogue with my constituents, allowing me to best represent their views in the Ohio Statehouse," said Senator Wilson. "I am committed to returning power, money and influence back from Columbus to make our communities stronger."
March 8, 2017 Wilson Announces Senate Passage of Legislation Eliminating Unnecessary Primary Elections
"This legislation is about more than eliminating unnecessary elections, it's about the responsible stewardship of Ohio taxpayers' money," said Wilson. "We owe it to Ohioans to ensure that public resources are used in the most efficient manner possible."
March 8, 2017 Wilson Announces Senate Passage of Legislation Protecting Victims of Domestic Violence
"This legislation strengthens protections for victims of domestic violence, preventing offenders from using technicalities to evade and violate protection orders," said Senator Wilson, who co-sponsored the bill in the Senate.
February 14, 2017 Wilson to Serve on the Ohio Retirement Study Council
"I look forward to serving on the Ohio Retirement Study Council to ensure that the dollars invested by Ohio's public employees are managed in the most effective manner possible and that our retirement systems are viable for future retirees and their families," said Wilson.
February 8, 2017 Wilson Appointed to Ohio Advisory Council for Aging
“I am looking forward to working with the council to enhance the quality of life for Ohio's seniors, their families and caregivers,” said Wilson. “Having served on various similar boards at the community-level, I understand the importance of promoting choice, independence and dignity for our aging population.”
February 7, 2017 Wilson Announces 2018 Legislative Fellowship Program
"It is essential for the future of our state to mentor, learn from and include the next generation in the decisions of today." said Wilson "The LSC Fellowship provides a great opportunity for recent graduates to learn more about the legislative process and state government, and help to construct great public policy on behalf of the people of Ohio."
February 2, 2017 Wilson Supports Local Efforts to Tackle Heroin Crisis in Cincinnati
"In order to see real progress in the fight against heroin addiction, we must redouble our support for law enforcement," said Senator Steve Wilson. "This means adequately equipping those combating the problem so that we can save more Ohioans from this devastating epidemic."
January 25, 2017 Wilson Takes Oath to Fill 7th District Vacancy
Wilson Takes Oath to Fill 7th District Vacancy
“I’m grateful for the trust and opportunity given to me by my new colleagues," said Wilson. "I will do everything I can to return power and influence to the people of Warren and Hamilton counties and to fight for a job-creating environment for all Ohioans."