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Regards immunizations by pharmacists, pharmacy interns and techs

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To amend sections 3702.593, 3721.01, 3721.026, 3721.072, 3721.121, 3721.28, 3721.30, 3721.31, 3721.32, 4723.32, 4723.61, 4723.64, 4723.65, 4723.651, 4723.653, 4723.66, 4723.67, 4723.68, 4723.69, 4729.41, 5124.15, 5124.151, 5165.01, 5165.06, 5165.26, 5165.51, and 5165.511; to enact section 5165.518; and to repeal section 3701.89 of the Revised Code and to amend Section 280.12 of H.B. 45 of the 134th General Assembly as subsequently amended regarding immunizations administered by pharmacists, pharmacy interns, and pharmacy technicians; regarding certificates of need and change of operator procedures for nursing homes; regarding the per Medicaid day payment rate for specified ICFs/IID; regarding medication aides and certified nurse aides, including competency evaluation programs and training and competency evaluation programs; regarding nursing home quality improvement projects; regarding conditional employment in homes and adult day care programs; regarding grants provided to adult day care providers, and regarding the Ohio Medical Quality Foundation.

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